Web Research Service

DrHT Research Services provides a comprehensive web (internet) research service.

Over the years, Heidi has been asked to complete a diverse range of projects:

  • Worldwide research tasks, such as the location of car dealerships in India, Australia and America and university courses in English in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.
  • Marketing related tasks including competitor research and article summaries.
  • Searches on behalf of buyers/customers, such a best pram or cot or best bank account.
  • Company information searches, which cover Companies House records and consumer opinion.
  • Contact information searches (organisations or companies) for databases or mail merge mailing lists.
  • Quirky and fun searches such as nice smells of Yorkshire.

DrHT Research Services can undertake any research based task (as long as it’s legal!) and will provide:

  • A comprehensive web search on a subject chosen by the client using a variety of search engines and other resources.
  • The research results clearly presented in a report in a format chosen by the client (Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Google Docs, Google Sheets or something else entirely).

If DrHT Research Services can help you with your web research task then please get in touch

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