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Web Research

DrHT Research Services has worked with businesses and other organisations as well as individuals to complete web research projects. Businesses tend to find the service particularly useful because it saves their staff time.

As a result of the number of clients, the subjects covered have been very wide ranging. They have included car dealerships across the world to nice smells of Yorkshire! The research findings have been used for everything from social media to books, published articles, infographics and market research.


DrHT Research Services has completed history related projects using record offices and archives all over the UK. A further source of material has been web research on sites such as Ancestry and Find My Past.  Projects to-date have covered  social, local, political and family history and have tended to focus on 1800 onwards. However, Heidi will consider any history research project.


About DrHT Research Services

DrHT Research Services is ideally placed to help you with any web research or historical archive research task (as long as it’s legal!).  Heidi has more than 10 years experience in web (internet) research and 20 years in history research. Heidi also has a PhD in history and can assist with academic research enquiries in that area. 

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Alternative ways to contact DrHT Research Services:

Email: heidi@webresearcher.co.uk

Phone: 07963 042 804

Skype: heidi_topman



Happy to recommend Heidi to anyone. Andy P, GB

Amazing work! Heidi was extremely helpful and the info sent helped me enormously. I can’t recommend Heidi highly enough! Katherine M, GB

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