Web Research Service


Since early 2014, I have used the internet/world wide web to search for information on a diverse range of subjects. I have worked for individuals as well as companies and other organisations and my research has been used for everything from social media to published articles, infographics and market research. See testimonials for feedback on my work from some of my clients.

What I provide

A comprehensive web search on a subject chosen by the client using a variety of search engines and other resources at my disposal.

The results of my research clearly presented in a report in a format chosen by the client (Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Google Docs, Google Sheets or something else entirely).

How much will it cost?

As every research task is different, I consider the work required to complete each one on an individual basis, before providing a quotation. If I can help you with a research task, please contact me

Before I start each task, I always give as honest and accurate estimation as I can of the time it is likely to take. I also make sure that I regularly update the client on the progress of the research.


I also work through People Per Hour