Welcome to my website and blog!


Welcome to my brand new website and blog. My previous website was just about my career in history research and hadn’t been updated for a very long time. So when it was hacked and used for nefarious purposes, I decided to start from scratch and incorporate my web research experience as well.

Bearing in mind that there are many web researchers across the world, I was very surprised that there seem to be so few who have dedicated websites promoting their work. I suppose then, that at least it means I can’t have plagiarised anyone else’s site!

So, who am I?

This is me


I am a freelance researcher residing on the Sussex coast. My husband and I have lived in Sussex for 8 years and love it here. I have been a researcher ever since I started my MA in history in 1996. After I completed my MA, I moved on to a PhD, which focused on local London labour movement history. Over the course of the 4 years which it took for me to complete my PhD, I visited every borough archive or local record office in the Greater London area.

The world wide web was in its infancy when I was working on my academic qualifications, but I soon realised how useful it could be for research purposes. My career as a web researcher began with looking up random bits of information for family and friends, such as the name of an actor or movie that no-one could remember or local hospital visiting times. In 2012, a friend recommended the  freelancer website PeoplePerHour, and I decided to see if I could earn money doing research for people and companies across the world.  My research tasks have certainly been diverse: I have helped an anxious father choose the perfect buggy for his imminent new arrival, tried to identify nice smells specific to Yorkshire, compiled information about car dealerships across the world and listed contact details for Asian academics interested in Jewish history. These are just a few examples of the many, many areas I have been asked to research. I am happy to consider anything-as long as it’s legal!

Take a look at my PeoplePerHour Profile if you would like to see some other examples of the research I have done.

I don’t tend to use data scraping software because I find that I spend more time sorting through the results of the data scrape than I do if I enter the data myself. However, if anyone out there can recommend a good, relatively straightforward program/app then I would certainly give it a try.

Anyway, I will try to update the blog as often as I can. Please feel to pop back if you would like to read about my travels round the world wide web and/or thoughts on history and history research. I am always happy to hear from you too!

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